New Street Lights Coming to 42nd Ave.

New Street Lights Coming to 42nd Ave.
Posted on 05/06/2019
By this fall, new street lights will be lining 42nd Ave. between Xylon and Louisiana avenues, adding yet another upgraded look to the City Center area.

35 of the new lights will be 16-foot tall LED decorative pedestrian lights, matching the design already in place on Xylon Ave.

There will also be five 12-foot lights installed at bench and bus stop locations. Two 4-foot tall lighted bollards will be installed at bus stops to provide additional pedestrian lighting at these locations.

In addition to new lighting elements, banner arms will be purchased for each of the new light poles. New banners, also to match the current style on Xylon Ave., will be installed by this fall.

Egan Company was awarded the construction contract, however, the city will purchase the new lights directly to save in costs. The total project cost is estimated to be about $380,000. Funding for the new lights will be paid out of New Hope's street light fund.