New Hope Employee Receives Chief's Commendation

New Hope Public Works Employee Receives Chief's Commendation for Act of Heroism
Posted on 05/25/2021
A New Hope Public Works employee was recognized after performing a heroic act of lifesaving.

On April 9, Brad Johnson was performing maintenance on the south end of the city when he noticed smoke coming from behind the Midland Shopping Center. When he got closer to investigate, he discovered a dumpster against the building with a significant amount of smoke coming from it, and dialed 911. That’s when he heard a voice calling for help. Opening the enclosure gate, Brad discovered a male standing in the dumpster who was unable to get out.

Brad helped the man escape the fire and stayed with him until first responders arrived on the scene. The man he rescued told the emergency workers that Brad is a hero.

Brad was recognized for his act of heroism at the May 24 New Hope City Council meeting when he was awarded with the Chief’s Commendation Award by West Metro Fire-Rescue District Chief Sarah Larson.

Chief Larson stated, “By Brad being in the right place at the right time, and making the decision to act, there is no doubt that Brad saved this gentleman’s life.”