Feasibility report for Public Works expansion

Staff preparing feasibility report for Public Works expansion
Posted on 11/05/2019
New Hope City Council has given city staff the go-ahead to prepare a feasibility report for a potential Public Works facility expansion.

After review of the city’s long-term plan in late 2016, the city council postponed any action associated with the expansion project until at least 2020 due to the police station/city hall and pool/park improvement projects.

Now, as 2020 approaches, there is $50,000 budgeted in the 2019 public works central garage capital improvement program to prepare a feasibility report for this project.

The central garage is located at the city’s public works facility at 5500 International Parkway. Staff maintains approximately 173 pieces of equipment, 34 police vehicles, and several heavy-duty trucks.

Space available at the central garage has reached capacity and many city-owned vehicles and equipment must be stored outside. This has resulted in the need for an addition to the central garage, which would allow all vehicles and equipment to be stored indoors. Storing the vehicles indoors extends their longevity.

Storing a vehicle outside during the winter can reduce the effectiveness of its battery, thus reducing reliability. It can also reduce the efficiency of auto fluids and increase exposure to dust and salt, potentially resulting in the acceleration of required repairs and maintenance. When stored outside during the winter, staff time must be used to clear snow from vehicles and equipment before they are utilized.

In order to store all vehicles and equipment indoors and allow for improved efficiency, the director of public works and staff are recommending that the following building and site improvements be considered in the feasibility report:

• Public Works Facility expansion with approximately 20,000 square-feet of new garage/equipment storage/drive-thru wash bay.
• Renovation of the existing garage/equipment storage space to improve vehicle circulation and equipment storage.
• Renovation of the existing parts/maintenance areas to expand/improve parts storage.
• Addition of air conditioning in mechanics work bay.
• Renovation of some of the existing offices.
• Replace parking lot and storage yard pavement.
• Provide a new fuel dispensing system for diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline adjacent to the new garage/equipment storage/drive-thru wash bay addition.
• Provide a new detached 3,000 square-foot low temperature heated building for dirt used in patching water main breaks.
• Security improvements both inside and out at the building including a new security gate and cameras.
• Stormwater improvements as approved by the watershed.