Get to Know Northwood Park

Northwood ParkNorthwood ParkNorthwood ParkNorthwood ParkNorthwood ParkNorthwood ParkNorthwood Park
Get to Know Northwood Park
Posted on 07/05/2019
Summer is in mid-swing, which makes it a great time to visit New Hope’s biggest park. Split by Boone Ave., Northwood Park has just about everything a park could need, from ballparks to wooded trails, to an extensive playground and even a small lake.

On the east side of Boone, two well-maintained ballfields and a soccer field take up the majority of the roadside. There is also an enclosed shelter next to the fields, which is available to rent.

Beyond the fields is a wooded marsh area that is interspersed with pathways. The Basset Creek Trail runs on the eastern side of the park through a wooded area, connecting with Winnetka Ave.

On the west side of Boone, Northwood lake has a couple lakefront spots to stop and enjoy the view, including a dock on the north side and a section along the Boone pathway where the lake drains into basset Creek on the other side of the road.

With a newly remade playground, complete with swings, slides, a rope set, and more, it has top of the line equipment in great condition. South of the playground, next to the road is a basketball court and a large open area with some trails.

There are a few events that happen at this park, the most notable of which is Duk Duk Daze (which will take place this year on July 12-14). It also hosts Movies in the Park during the summer on the soccer field.

If you haven't been there recently, summer is a great time to come check it out.