Hennepin County Emergency Rental Assistance

Hennepin County Emergency Rental Assistance
Posted on 08/24/2020

Hennepin County residents who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 may qualify for emergency assistance through the county to help with rent and other housing related costs. To qualify for emergency rental assistance, residents must:

  • Rent housing anywhere in Hennepin County
  • Have a household income below 50% of the area median income prior to COVD-19 (about $46,550 for a household of three)
  • Have lost income due to COVID-19 that has not been replaced by unemployment insurance or other emergency assistance
  • Not be able to afford housing costs this month
  • Not currently be receiving Section 8 or other rental assistance

Priority will be given to households with the lowest incomes and those not eligible for Unemployment Insurance. Households with enough income to pay housing costs are not eligible. There is no deadline to apply.

To learn more, and to apply, visit hennepin.us/rent-help. Those who do not have internet access, or cannot complete the application form in English, may call 612.302.3160.