Unemployment Scam

Unemployment Scam
Posted on 01/12/2022

Scammers are fraudulently applying for unemployment compensation using stolen personal information. If you receive a letter from the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance and have not filed for services or receive a phone call from anyone claiming to represent the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Office, follow the steps below provided by the New Hope Police Department and State of Minnesota.

If you receive an incorrect from 1099-G for unemployment benefits you did not file for or receive:

  • Contact Minnesota Unemployment to report possible unemployment insurance fraud
  • Request a revised 1099-G showing you did not receive unemployment benefits
  • Keep the revised 1099-G for your records

If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to represent Minnesota Unemployment:

  • Do NOT provide any personal information.
  • Confirm the validity of the contact by contacting Minnesota Unemployment at 651.296.3644.

Questions? Contact Officer Kallio at bkallio@newhopemn.gov or 763.398.1229.