Central Garage

The city of New Hope’s Central Garage is located at the Public Works facility. The Central Garage is staffed with a Central Garage supervisor and one full time mechanics. Their primary responsibilities are to perform routine service, preventive maintenance, and complete all necessary repairs on city-owned vehicles and equipment.

The two mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of approximately 160 pieces of equipment. At this time, the Central Garage services 29 squad cars, 23 light vehicles, 12 heavy-duty trucks, and many other pieces of equipment.

The city of New Hope maintains and records all routine maintenance and repairs conducted on all city vehicles. This, in turn, provides our staff members and citizens with efficient, safe, and longer lasting equipment in the years to come.

5500 International Parkway
New Hope, MN 55428
Phone: 763-592-6777
FAX: 763-592-6776