FAQ Utility Billing

How can I pay my bill?
By mail, send your payments to 5500 International Pkwy, New Hope MN 55428
By phone (24/7) 844-869-3219 (we currently accept Visa or MasterCard)
Pay in person at Public Works or City Hall during regular business hours
Pay online with a credit card (we currently accept Visa or MasterCard)
Bank bill pay (make sure to allow enough time so late fees are not assessed)
Where can I go to discuss my bill in person?
The utility billing department is located at our Public Works building, 5500 International Parkway.
Am I able to view my bill online through the city?

Yes.  Online utility payments are processed through the vendor Invoice Cloud, which can be accessed by clicking the following link: Invoice Cloud.

For additional frequently asked questions about online utility bill payment through Invoice Cloud, click here.

Registration is not required for one time payments or to view your current bill.

Property Owners: By registering with a user name and password you will have the ability to view all current invoices, see previous invoices and payment dates, update your profile information, access the online customer service system, schedule payments for future dates, and sign up for Auto-Pay. You also avoid having to enter your payment information each time you pay a bill.

Did utility rates increase for 2019?
The City Council increased the base fee and volume rate for sanitary sewer by 7.5 percent, the base and volume rate for water by 5 percent, and the storm drainage fee by 5 percent. For more details, click on "Current Rates" on the left.
When will my utility bill arrive in the mail?
Your utility bill should arrive by the first week of every month.
When is my utility bill due?
New Hope utility bills are due on the 21st of each month. Late fees are assessed if we do not receive the bill in our office by the due date.
What if I do not receive my utility bill?
If you do not receive your utility bill in the mail after the first week of the month, please call 763-592-6760 or email utilitybilling@newhopemn.gov to request a copy.
I am a renter who is responsible for paying the utility bill. I have not received a utility bill recently, what should I do?
Please contact your landlord. Per city ordinance utility bills are the responsibility of the property owner. Tenants can receive a duplicate copy of the bill per the owner's request in writing.
What should I do about my utility account if I am moving or selling my home?

Contact Utility Billing at least five business days prior to your closing or moving date. Either call 763-592-6760 or email utilitybilling@newhopemn.gov. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Service address
  • Your name and phone number
  • Forwarding address for the final bill
  • Closing/moving date
  • Title-closing company name and phone number
  • New buyer's name
Who is responsible for delinquent and unpaid utility bills?
Delinquent and unpaid utility bills are the responsibility of the current property owner. If a property changes ownership, the new property owner becomes responsible for any outstanding utility bill balance. Before purchasing a home in New Hope, the city encourages potential homeowners to make sure that all past due utility accounts are paid in full or that enough money has been set aside in escrow at closing to cover the final bill amount.
How do I obtain utility account history for an address in New Hope?

Individuals who inquire about a utility account or special assessments on a property in New Hope must do so in writing. The request may be submitted using the online "Property History / Assessment Request" form, or the request may be faxed to 763-592-6776 or emailed to utilitybilling@newhopemn.gov. Please include the following:

  • Name, phone number and email address of person requesting information
  • Address of property in New Hope
  • If property is being sold:
    • Closing date
    • Buyer's name
    • Title-closing company name and phone number

Please allow up to two business days for a response.

Utility Billing
Phone: 763-592-6760
Fax: 763-592-6776

5500 International Parkway
New Hope, MN 55428